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* School Safety

- I am not in support of arming teachers.  I am in support of doors that lock from the inside.  Presently, in emergency situations, many teachers have to exit their room, stand in the hallway, and fumble with their keys to lock the door.  I am in support of expanded mental health services.  Right now, many guidance counselors are forced to spend hours coordinating district and state assessments and are unable to meet with students that need help.  I am in support of consistent policies for entry to campus for visitors.

* Better for our students

- The current focus is on testing instead of learning.  I will push to shift the focus to student learning by decreasing the number of hours on district mandated assessments.  I will also push for more trade school and pre-apprenticeship programs.  The district should take advantage of HB 577 which allows pre-apprenticeship programs to be used for high school credits.

* Better for our parents

- The district needs to make improvement in communication accessibility and transparency for our parents and other stakeholders.  This includes holding board and other relevant meetings at times and places where working parents can attend and speak.  Also, the district must continue to improve communication regarding how to navigate the complex district application process for programs that are available.  The district must do a better job on communicating what assessments students are taking what the data will be used for.

* Better for our educators

- I will push for improved workplace climate for district employees.  I will push for a stronger annual climate survey to determine what is working and what is not working at work sites.  I will propose conducting exit interviews for employees that end their employment.  I will work to address the important issue of high teacher turnover.  At our most struggling schools, some students end up having 3,4, or even more teachers in a given school year.  When one teacher leaves, the new teacher that is hired is often completely new to education.  I propose a revamped teacher mentoring program for our new teachers in order to make sure that new teacher have everything that they need to be successful.



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